Monday, October 17

Chipkizi Tournament

Ligi Ndogo Planets will be participating in the Chipkizi Future Stars International Invitation Soccer tournament.The tournament will be held in Arusha,Tanzania from Friday 2nd to fourth December.
This is part of Ligi Ndogo's overall objective:To expose players to various competitions at home and abroad. The tournament will feature various groups.The tournament features teams in the under 10,12,14,16 and 17 years.
The competing age categories will be:
U10 (boys)
Born after January 2001
7 a side
U12 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1999
9 a side
U14 (boys)
Born after January 1997
11 a side
U16 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1995
11 a side
U17 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1994
11 a side