E.A 2014


We hereby confirm that The East Africa LIGI Cup for children, junior and youth teams will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from Friday 29th August to Sunday 31st September 2014 inclusive at Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Rd Ground as the venue.

The tournament has since moved away from its traditional format that included U16 and U19 age categories.
Subsequently,the other categories have been adjusted to feature U9, U11, U13,U15 and U18.This year will also include an U16 girls' category.

The tournament will be held exclusively at the Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Rd grounds.The U 9 tournament will start on earlier the other categories as is the tradition. 
Hence the competing age categories will be as follows: - aside Max.No.Of Players Teams
CLASS A: Under 9 years boys born after August 2005  (7v7) 10 12 (one day)
CLASS B:Under 11 years boys born after August 2003 (8v8) 12 16
CLASS C:Under 13 years boys born after August 2001 (8v8) 12 16
CLASS D:Under 15 years boys born after August 1999 (11v11) 15 16
CLASS E:Under 18 years boys born after August 1997 (11v11) 15 16
CLASS F:Under 16 years GIRLS born after August 1998 (11v11) 18 16

The participation fee is USD 46 for local teams and USD 91 for international teams.Submit tournament fee to Pay Bill number:531300 Account:Ligi Ndogo.
Please confirm your participation urgently on or before Friday 9th  August, 2014.