Ages 14-15yrs
Serious players are treated seriously.The basics that they have run are repeated within a match setup.
The sessions offer players:soccer technique training,tactic training,conditioning and fitness.
Soccer technique emphasizes dribbling,passing,receiving,shooting,heading and finishing among other things.Tactic has a more team approach with the coach introducing areas in defending,attacking,pressing,counter attacking,switching points,play system,game analysis and small sided games.
Focus is on enhancing cooperation by having small sided games and matches.Players' decision making skills about attacking and defending are analyzed and put into practise in small sided games.Game positions and specializing are enhanced with players being familiarized fully with their roles.Games invloving these players will take more shape in offense and defense and knowledge of concepts and tactics are improved.Initial stages of speed,strength and endurance are thoroughly enhanced.
The duration of these sessions will depend on how quickly the players learn,their techniques,movement and game thinking.These sessions last two hours a day two times a week.
It is these sessions that have helped Ligi Ndogo emerge winners in the Keele Cup Tournament UK,the Brazil Cup Kenya edition and the Ligi Ndogo East Africa tournament.The sights are now set on conquering the Punjab tournament and winning the Nairobi Inter Centre cup.