Sunday, October 16

Tournament Details

The competing age categories will be:

U10 (boys)
Born after January 2001
7 a side
U12 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1999
9 a side
U14 (boys)
Born after January 1997
11 a side
U16 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1995
11 a side
U17 (boys and girls)
Born after January 1994
11 a side

Qualifying structure
  • This is a bracket format.The top two teams advance to play on Sunday
  • Four teams compete in each bracket
  • Two top teams in the bracket will advance to play in the semi finals of the competition;the two winners will compete in the finals.
  • The winner in the final wins the competition.The loosing team automatically gets the second spot.
  • Each team will play a minimum of three (3) games.