Tuesday, June 19


The Ligi Ndogo Planets travel to Kristiansand and Venesela tomorrow,20th June, for the inaugural PlussbankCup tournament in Norway. The tournament starts on 23rd and will run to 27th June.

About the tournament
Plussbank Cup is a tournament for adolescents aged between 8 and 18 years. It began in 2008 and has attracted more than 1000 teams from all over the world. Last year more than 473 teams participated. It is run by clubs,Vindbjart and Donn.Ligi Ndogo will be represented by an U10 team consisting 20 players,3 officials and travelling parents.This is part of Ligi Ndogo’s initiative to further nurture the football potential in its members and to offer them an opportunity to realize first hand, international competition.
Standing Left to Right Nandele Nicky Wafula,Olukwa Emmanuel,Khaisie Cliffton Shukrani,Mwachiro Bekote Leslie,Mwandawiro Adrian,Ngaira Christian Isabwa,Rogena Darrel,Amdanyi Antony Cheboi,Karani Nyamu,Kimani Jeremy Ireri,Ogango Jeremy Lusimbi,Omondi Michael Adrian,James Gachago
Seated Left to Right Ikinu Wambugu,Jan Ochieng,Keou Faisal Bovel,Ochieng Jon Okok,Otieno Marcos Obadha,Oketch Paul Adongo,Muriithi Eric Munene,Simeon Diang'a,Odote Ted Miguna,Kalama Andre
Plussbank History

PlussbankCup was first held in 2008. It is a continuation of the two football competitions Color Line Cup and Cup Warranty (formerly Zebra Cup), and first year participated 365 teams from home and abroad.
In 2009, 371 teams participated in 2010, 376 teams and in 2011 attended the 473 teams.
Behind the new tournament on the South Coast, the three football clubs leaf, Donn and Vindbjart, along with Sparebanken Plus and Kristiansand Zoo. A professional organization is established, and it ensures that PlussbankCup is a tournament marked by a high sporting quality and efficient implementation.
PlussbankCup offers a very good experience offers to players and families who choose to combine the cup of holiday in Southern Norway.

The Planets will feature 3 teams in the U10 category.
Team 1 Odote Ted Miguna,Ochieng Jan,Khaisie Cliffton,Keou Bovel,Amdanyi Antony Cheboi,James Gachago
Team 2 Oketch Paul Adongo,Mwachiro Bekote,Mwandawiro Adrian,Kamau Tshazi,Isabwa Christian,Okok Jon
Team 3 Marcos Obadha,Omondi Adrian,Kamau Alvin,Ogango Jeremy,Awinyo James,Muriithi Eric,Wafula Nick Nandele

Torridal v Ligi Ndogo
Forus & Gausel v Ligi Ndogo
Ligi Ndogo v Arna-Bjørnar Rød
Ligi Ndogo v Høvik SuperDuper
Ligi Ndogo v Søgne


Trauma2 v Ligi Ndogo
Ligi Ndogo v Snøgg Tigers
Høvik Tigers v Ligi Ndogo
Fyllingsdalen Puma v Ligi Ndogo


Ligi Ndogo v Holum
Ligi Ndogo v Søgne
Ligi Ndogo v Moss Gul
Ligi Ndogo v Frøyland
Vindbjart Syd v Ligi Ndogo
Ligi Ndogo v Forus & Gausel