Tuesday, June 19

Planet match Venues

Pitches that will host the Planet matches

Flekkerøy idyllic out in the archipelago, about 13 km from the center of Kristiansand. There are about 3000 residents on the island, which has underground connection to the mainland. The Ligi Ndogo Planets and most teams in age groups 8 to 12 will be accommodated in Flekkerøya. For these cohorts Cup ends on Tuesday 26 June.

It is played on three artificial grass courts at Flekkerøy:

- Color Line track, Modena Railway and the Railway School. All are within walking distance of each other and to accommodation and dining hall.

Flekkerøy is a tourist gem in the summer, with great beaches and fishing. There are good public bus service and a short driving distance to the city and the zoo

KARUSS Sports consists of a natural grass courts and two artificial grass courts, where the Planet matches and some of the matches in age groups 11 and 12 will be played on Saturday and Sunday. The facility is located in Vågsbygd, ca. 10 minutes drive from Flekkerøya.

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