Friday, March 9

PLANETS v K.R.A,Preview

The Ligi Ndogo Planets (#1) play away to Kenya Revenue Authority (#18) in their third match this season.The Planets are on a roll having played two matches and won both.KRA will be playing their second match this season.Their first match was a 1-0 loss at home to Bandari (P2:W1:D1#3) of Mombasa.

The Planets feature the same team that won previously except for defender Salim Abdalla who is on the injured list (groin).The Planet defense is evenly spread though Abdalla had a slight percentage (28%) balls won (out of 99) on the rest of the defense.Midfielder,Cornelius Ekene who is among the team leaders in passes for goal ratio,is still on the injured list with a bruised ankle.He is expected back at the start of next week.


In their last seven matches (including the last matches,season 2011),KRA have won twice,drawn once and lost thrice.They have scored eleven goals in their last seven games (since 2011) and none this season.They have conceeded ten (last seven) and one this season.K.R.A have scored seven goals at home and conceeded five away.Their last lose came in their last match,1-0 to Bandari United.All their wins and the draw were at home.
They have won seven games at home in all competitions;won six,drawn five away and drawn six at home.
Their highest scoring win came against Gusii United,A 6-3 win at home on 3 April 2011.Their highest away win was 3-1 against FC 105 in the FK Kenya Cup,on 27 August 2011.
Their biggest lose was away against Finlay Horticulture on 12 November 2011.They fell 1-2 to Mathare Youth at home on 4 September 2011.

Their last consecutive winning streak was between July and September 2011 when they won five in a row in all competitions.

They were fifth last season with W12:D11:L7.They scored 47 goals and conceeded 35,an average of 1.57 scored and 0.86 conceeded per game.

The Planets finished second:W20:D3:L4.They scored 56 goals and conceeded 17;1.87 goals scored and 0.57 goals conceeded per game.They have not conceeded a goal in the two matches this season.

The Planets have won theit last four matches,sandwiched between a draw and two wins since 2011.
They have won twelve matches at home and eight away in all competitions.It has drawn twice,at home and away.Its highest loss at home was on 24 August 2011 to Muhoroni Youth,1-0.It lost by the same score away to Kariobangi Sharks on 11 May 2011.

The highest scoring win at home was on 28 May.A 4-0 win against Karungu.It won 5-0 away to Makarios on 13 March.

This is the first time the two teams are featuring in the same tournament/league.Their previous matches have been friendly games.The Planets lost 3-1 to K.R.A the first time but won their last friendly match 2-1.

Team Charles Ouma (KG),Alex Karmo,Jaswel Ngugi,Bobby Ogolla,Jermiah Bright,Samuel Machio (C),Abbas Akinyemi,Brillian Ochieng,Tom Murila,Abbey Kunrunmi,Harry Gentle.