Wednesday, March 7

Answer to Phan 1

How territorial stats compared:Defense,Midfield,Strike;A Won denotes:Aerial balls won
Thank you for your question, Phantom.
Here is the data arrangement and area of action illustrated.
The backline of Jeremiah Bright, Alex Karmo,Salim Abdalla and Bobby Ogolla had a combined tackle of 28,29 aerial balls won,11 fouls,14 turnovers and fourteen balls won. As you can see you can say they had zero turnovers and as they were compensated by balls won. You would also,on the other hand,say they had zero balls won!
The Planets have their sights on the title
The midfield play of Abbas, Machio, Murila and Brillian won 19 balls, had nine tackles, 14 aerial balls won and 28 fouls. Strikers,Harry and Abbey had eight turnovers and won the ball six times. They fouled fifteen times and won a total of seventeen tackles, both aerial and on the ground. The defense had the most number of aerial balls won and tackles, a whopping 57.So you can see why the Planets were able to keep a clean sheet.Defensively, you can say the game worked out well for the coach. The defense worked to win the relevant balls: aerials and tackles,while the midfield stopped most of the plays in the middle. You would expect the midfield to have more fouls (28) than the strikers (15) which was not the case. A projected share would give each midfielder four fouls (28 divide to four) and each striker more than seven (fifteen divide to two).That would make a coach cringe....or depending on which side you are, smile with glee!
Please note: Sven Yidah and Charmant Chihuguyu came in for Abbas Akinyemi and Harry Gentle on Saturday and Brillian Ochieng and Harry Gentle on Sunday. Their statistics are reflected within the forwards.

You also want to know comparative statistics for the next match (Planets,KRA).

In their last seven matches (including the last matches,season 2011),KRA have won twice,drawn once and lost thrice.Their last lose came in their last match,1-0 to Bandari United.All the wins and a the draw were at home.
Their last consecutive winning streak was between July and September 2011 when they won five in a row in all competitions.
They were  fifth last season with W12:D11:L7.They scored 47 goals and conceeded 35,an average of 1.57 scored and 0.86 conceeded per game.
The Planets finished second:W20:D3:L4.They scored 56 goals and conceeded 17;1.87 goals scored and 0.57 goals conceeded per game.

The Planets have won its last four matches,sandwiched between a draw and two wins since 2011.

The Planets are first with six points,KRA is eighteenth with no points.
I hope you are fully answered.