Tuesday, January 24

Some Questions and Answers

What is LIGI Ndogo? It is a youth training program that fosters ages 4 to 19.
Since its inception, some members have graduated into a senior team.

Why should I attend Ligi Ndogo?
Ligi Ndogo is the only soccer school in Kenya that offers specialized training to anybody willing to pursue soccer as a career, for fun and as a social cohesion and integration tool. Our programs run within set curricula and training plans, focused on age and skill appropriate activities. Players undergo drills relevant to their age set. They are able to experience, understand and execute at their level of mental, physical and motor development.

What is the procedure for membership? You can register at any of the Ligi Ndogo centres in Ngong’ Rd, South B,Gigiri and Karen by filling a membership form. You can also register by filling in the form online. A small player registration fee is charged.The player is then taken for a skill evaluation test to determine his category. Three levels are taken into consideration: played before, never played before and skilled. After three weeks the player is assigned one of the teams (and a team uniform) that he will feature for permanently during the season. These teams are: Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Neptune.

What is a Ligi Ndogo season? It is a coaching session that runs for twelve weeks and is equivalent to three months or a school term. There are normally three seasons in a year: January to April, May to August and September to December. We are currently in season 31.

What is a performance card/log? These are cards used for evaluation. This will monitor and track player improvement, areas of weakness and learning ability and perception.

How does a typical Ligi Ndogo session run? For ages 4-12, practice is on Friday, 4.30-6.20pm; Saturday practice starts at 9.30am to 12.30pm.A typical session includes setup, short team meeting ,warm up session and a water break.Group session and skill practice of the day and matchs and team allocation games,and sign-out conclude the session.

Where are the Ligi Ndogo centres located? Our centres are located as follows:Ngong' Rd centre is on Ngong' Road,four hundred metres after Adams Arcade.It is sandwiched between Posta building and the Harlequins rugby pitch.Behind it is the Harlequins Suites Hotel.
south B is located inside the Railway Training Institute,Gigiri centre is inside the German school opposite the village market.Karen centre is in Nairobi Academy opposite the dePaul centre on the Bomas road.

What are the practise days? For players eight years old and under,practise is on Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.For those aged nine to twelve,practise is on Friday (4.30 to 6.30pm) and Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm.The Friday practise for this category is optional but the Saturday session is compulsory.
For players aged thirteen to sixteen practise is on Saturday and Sunday afternoon,from two to four (under fourteen) and four to six for the under ninteen team.

The over 14 coach determines the timing for practise and may vary from time to time.