Tuesday, January 24


The Ligi Ndogo Planets enter the exhibition phase of its preseason training after three weeks of intense speed,weight and endurance training.
Ligi is using the matches to gauge new player adaptability to its playing system and fuse the current unit.
All this is geared towards preparation for the 2012 Division One league.The eventual winner will be promoted to the national premier league.More than twenty teams are fighting for a single promotion spot.The season starts February 25th.
Most of the players still in camp are the ones designated for selection into the final squad.
Ligi had preseason exhibition matches at Woodley in Nairobi and Limuru.The newcomers were impressive as Ligi scored five goals in two matches.Incoming strikers,Harry Gentle and Thomas Lugera accounted for three quarters of the goals scored.
Most of the preseason matches will be used to give new players a chance to exhibit their individual and team skills as well as  get used to running team setups and adapt to their new teammates.Preseason games are essential for coaches to evaluate talent and also see what the team is capable of.
Most teams know that a good preseason record is not a stable indicator of how successful the seaon is going to be.The success in the season depends on how well and focused a team is during the regular season when the real games starts.Ligi hopes to fine tune its final team with several exhibition matches before breaking camp and entering the final stretch of its preparation.
Ligi Ndogo's hope for an exciting season as some of its opponents will include the two teams that were dropped from the premier league last season as well as the second and third placed teams in last years' FKL division.