Monday, January 23


Ligi Ndogo season 31 started this weekend after one month's break.There was action at the Ligi Ndogo centres of Karen,South B,Ngong' Road and Gigiri.
Beaming players,energy primed and happy to be back,casually strolled around the playing fields.


There were a lot of new players in all the categories (from four year olds to the seniors). Being the first day, players were taken through
 an orientation and evaluation process. Orientation includes familiarization with the rules and regulations governing Ligi Ndogo players, categories of play and introduction to coaches and group playing fields.


Evaluation is a longer process and may take up to two weeks. Players become eligible for evaluation after they have been issued with a player log book. The coach analyzes the new player along three categories: starter, average and has played before. This will ensure that beginning players are given more attention. The coach fills in the evaluation form as per the skill and fitness level of the player. The coaching committee then allocates the new player a team. These teams are either: Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter or Mars.
At the end of it, the administrative office informs the parents of the players’ teams, training schedule and season program. Eventually the player receives his final Ligi Ndogo identity: A branded Ligi Ndogo team kit.
Gigiri was in week two of their calendar and had its normal practice and games. The coaches are working on team placement for the Atoms, Juniors and Mids.
Ngong’ Road, Karen and South B
The Atoms started practice early after familiarization and fun games. Their sessions involved ball handling and playing within confined space.Mids and upper mids had make up and evaluation games in preparation for start of practice.
The Ngong’ Road juniors started the season with their normal six-a-side tournament. This is an exciting preseason tournament where kids choose their friends and play together before they are separated into their respective teams to make more when the season starts. There was Barcelona,Madrid, United and finally City who had changed their name two times from Chelsea to Liverpool to City!
More than twenty eight goals were scored in eleven matches.The highlight was when Barcelona scored three goals in two minutes to beat United 4-1 and win the tournament.
Practice continues next Saturday as the coaches rollout this season’s practice program during the week.