Friday, January 27


LIGI NDOGO categories of Planets,Academy,U16 and U19 resume training this weekend at Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Rd centre as the regular season 31 enters week 2.

Ligi Ndogo Planets is a select group of players
 who have emerged as the best in all the Ligi Ndogo centres.Planets comprise players from Ligi Ndogo centres only.Planet players categories are aged 8,10 and 12 years.

The coaches' curriculum focus on age and skill appropriate activities and refining on what they did under the regular season schedule.Players get more practise and more individulalized attention.

The Planets is also the Ligi Ndogo feeder program for the Academy.

Academy players are selected from the Ligi Ndogo soccer school and exceptional players scouted from Ligi Ndogo organized tournaments.It comprises any player spotted as possessing exceptional talent and meeting the talent evaluation scores.
Their program is more technical.It is modelled for the best of the best.
Players will have a curriculum that builds on the themes introduced during the season,at the Planet level and at the Academy level;on-field training,technical training, functional drills, small-sided games and matches.

They train together twice a week on Saturday and Sunday. The players are chosen from ages 12 and 14,brought to camp and trained within a set curriculum.

U16 and U19
The under 16 program is a continuation of the Ligi Ndogo regular season.These are players who have graduated from the Ligi Ndogo regular program since they were Atoms.They represents Ligi Ndogo in tournaments,locally and internationally.The U19 team plays in the Punjab league and are keen to feature in the upcoming district league.Check out More