Thursday, January 26


LIGI NDOGO INTER CENTRE TOURNAMENT resumes on the 18th of February at the Railway Training Institiue.
The games are used to give the Ligi Ndogo centres a forum for interaction as well as a podium to show what they have learnt.Centre coaches also use it to select the Planets who are among the most exceptional players from all the centres.These are the players who represent Ligi Ndogo in national and international tournaments.

Inter Centre has grown in stature since it started on the 25th October 2009. With its introduction,teams from other regions in Nairobi requested participation due to its outreach.
Noting the dearth of tournaments featuring this age category (under 14),the rules were modified to accomodate teams from around Nairobi on an invitational basis.Other organisations and academies have since picked up on the idea and are doing well exposing players between the crucial FIFA ages of fourteen and seventeen.

The first edition was on 25th October 2009 and invited nine centres.Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Rd won,beating Liberty 9-8 in an excititng post match penalty shootout.The teams had tied 1-1 at full time.

All the matches will be played at one centre but on a rotational basis.The games will be on a league format.Railway Training Institute invites all team on the 18th of February.Either Gigiri or Karen will be the next hosts on March 10.The finals will be held on 7th April to coincide with the end of season 31. Ngong' Rd invites all centres for the finals.
Each match will also be concluded with a lifeskill session.During these sessions,players are urged to maintain high levels of individual and team discipline among,other things.Oppossing coaches evaluate their opponents and give verdict while the referee updates on the latest rules and any observations on his part.

Initially,the tournament had age categories of under twelve and fourteen.This year it starts at eight,ten and twelve.

Under eight will feature six-a-side,under ten eight-a-side and under twelve nine-a-side.

Make a date for the biggest inter Ligi Ndogo tournament.

Players at a lifeskill session presented by the organisers,coaches and referee