Tuesday, June 14

Valderhaug Chindia

Vital Stats Age 14;Birthday March 12Been in Ligi Ndogo since 2006.Started as a Junior,promoted to Mid in 2007.2008 invited to join the Planets.
Valder is fully focused on playing soccer.He came to Ligi with basic soccer skills.With time and effort he has managed to polish his game;his ball control,passing,shooting and modes of communication are very noticable.But perhaps the biggest part of his game is the understanding that he has off the ball.Apart from playing for enjoyment,he understands that doing the right thing with the ball can take him places;He would not mind donning a jersey for the Spanish premier league champions.
He lives in the knowledge that he still has a lot to learn.In his own words he admits that he initially thought soccer was a matter of showing up and the skills would follow.He’s learned that it takes hard work, effort and dedication to achieve the football goals that he desires. He's learned, that nothing comes easy but if you work hard at it, anything is possible.
Despite a physical handicap on his left hand Valder has his sights fully set on making a mark in the soccer world.So far the fourteen year old has proven that he has what it takes.