Sunday, June 12

Ligi Ndogo Succumb to Impala's Experience

Impala got the better of a lackadaisical U17 team when they beat them 6-1 in a hands down no contest friendly match at the Impala grounds.Ligi Ndogo's flashes of brilliance lasted the first twenty minutes of the first half before they ran out of steam and allowed Impala to take over.
Anthony Muteti set off the avalanche when he pounced on a goalmouth confusion to round the goalie for the first goal.Everything got one sided as Impala tactfully cut off Ligi's midfield maestro Denzel Njoru.The pressure piled onto Ligi's defense of Vincent Amadi and Sheikh Zamil.Two more lapses resulted to two more easy goals.
The introduction of Amos Muriuki in the second half saw Ligi come to life.When he latched onto an overhead pass to beat the goalie and make it 3-1,some life was infused into the fledging Ligi psyche.Francis Wanyama snuffed it off with a clinical free kick five minutes later.Austin Mugendi and Antony Baraza capitaized on the waning morale to snuff of the last bit of life that made a recovery improbable way before end time.
Ligi's Mahmoud Ali thundered a shot onto the sideworks after coming on as a substitute.Kay Keiffi also had some brilliant individual runs,though he never really threatened.