Saturday, June 18


Week 5 and another successful week of training at Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Rd. The weather was perfect so was the mood and the attendance.The enthusiasm started in the morning and extended deep into the day before
 the intenisty of play sapped away their energies.the coaches too got into it happily barking instructions and once in awhile breaking into the fun with demos.Much of the practise was geared in preparation for next week's tournament games.From Atom to Mid the teams were sfocused on winning their first game of the 29th season.Within the practise,they were each split into groups of two as each play got a chance to play in the same team with players who next week will be opponents.Improvement was visible,generally,the willingness to participate too.
Atoms added on a new coach and this was visible as more attention was paid to individual detail.The Atoms focused more on passing,receiving and passing back.The objective is to improve feet speed,improvement on first touch,accurate passing and working on basic passing technique.Progressively,the distance of passing is increased thus leading to more power output;and of course need for more focus on the receiver.The coach pegged evaluation on accuracy of passes and emphasised the importance of a good first touch.
The response was positive with a majority of the players starting off slowing but showing marked improvement with progression.
Junior and Mid
Junior practise was more focused on ball posession and dribbling.This included ball gymnastics,around the world running bases and relay races.