Sunday, June 12

Planets Shining Brighter

Practise was intense at the Planet facility in Ngong' Rd.This was in anticipation of a buildup match against Makadara Select Academy.

The match,however, was postponed until next week.This did little to dampen the spirit during practise;the boys skirted all over dribbling round real and imagined opponents.

Today's practise was designed around the fact that there would be a match,but when it emerged that there would be no game the boys got a chance to release ability that had been held back.The coach held a mock tournament with the winner staying.With every practise session looking more and more like the real game,it was a practise to behold,a melange of different players performing at their optimum.
Enter the tremendously improved Christopher Charles Lwanga.His renewal was evident,so were his figures:three goals,five assists and eight attempts on goal the previous day.He carried this onto the next day;confident and poised,he showcased his skills,a myriad of lunges and timely pace changes.All of a sudden everybody got onto the fray.Though cultured round the coach's instructions,it was evident there was too much skill to contain.From Collins Shaba running the wings,Nathan Ndung'u and Kihara Gakumo in the middle;Marcus Garvey and Santi Bushoki on defense,this was more of a game than a practise session.