Tuesday, July 23


Ligi Ndogo select side, Planets, will make their eighth trip to Manchester to participate in the Keele International cup.

Formerly the Umbro Cup,the organisers moved to Keele Universlty Comlex in Staffordhisre to become the Keele Cup.
The Keele cup is the largest UK International Football Competition with over 300 teams entering. With competitions for Woman & Girls, Men & Youth, Veterans & professional Youth teams that come from all over the world.

The trip to Manchester is scheduled for Monday the 22nd to 27th July.The U17 team will stay an extra one week as they are scheduled to play in makeup matches in Newcastle.
Three teams teams are traveling:An under 10 side, under 12 category and the U17. The teams have been undergoing intense training at the Ligi Ndogo Ngong Rd and the St Mary's School.

In 2004 Ligi Ndogo made their maiden appearance at the Umbro (now Keele) International tournament where the team bowed out at the quarter finals stage.

In 2006 the team became the first African team to win a trophy in the under 13 plate category.

In 2007 the team retained the under 13 plate trophy and in 2008 saw the team' best performance ever.It won the main cup in the under 12 category. 

The Ligi Ndogo Class G team is pooled in group B with Adamson Junior,Egerton,Beechfield United,Madeley Whiteside and Braeburn Arusha School.
The Planets Class C team is pooled in group A with Wallsal FC,Winsford Junior Blues,Newcastle College,Killarney Athletic and Madeley White Star.