Friday, July 26


The Ligi Ndogo U17 Planets played four matches at the keele cup,Mnchester, before proceeding to Newcastle for a series of friendly matches against select sides.

Th team lost 4-2 to Newcastle College in the first match.They stepped up against Madeley white star in their next out and won 3-0.The Planets tied Killarney Athletic 1-1 before bowing out 2-0 to San Antonio Lions.

The team finished third with four points out of a possible nine.
The under 13 team did not fare well going down by a combined score of 25 goals in two games.Their only win was against Braeburn Arusha school,the only team they beat in the final standing.
The Planets made the 4,500 mile journey to Tyneside,Newcastle to take on local junior teams after participating at the Keele cup. The group of youngsters are currently being hosted during their week long visit by Montagu North Fenharm Juniors in Newcastle.
The teams took on each in a friendly game on Monday afternoon and their skills were 
matched in a 3-3 tie.The Ligi Ndogo team,most of whom were visiting the United Kingdom for the first time,were treated to a day out to sight seeing.
Their first port of call was the famous St James Park stadium where they enjoyed a tour before setting out around the city centre with players from Montagu acting as their guides.
The visit was orchestrated by Malcom Nevin,who is involved in a football training scheme
in Kenya that will see him coach youngsters.The 38 year old is a native of Slatyford,Newcastle.This is the first time they raised money to bring a team from Keele to Newcastle'We hope to make it an annual thing where teams go over to Newcastle from Keele'He said in an interview.
Eventually,they plan to arrange for teams to come from Kenya to Newcastle.
'Its educational for the youngstars as well.'He finished.
Ligi Ndogo take on Newcastle City Junior and finish their tour against Red House Farm Juniors. The team lands back in Kenya on Saturday at 13.25pm.  
Below is the final scores and standings at Keele.


Boys and Girls Youth - Class G Group B
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1Beechfield United155500352
2Madeley Whitestar105311239
3Egerton FC1053112010
4Admaston Juniors65203816
5Ligi Ndogo35104633
6Braeburn Arusha School05005325
Thu7/25/201312:30PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class G Group BLigi Ndogo-Madeley Whitestar1-8
Thu 7/25/20132:45PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class G Group BLigi Ndogo-Beechfield United0-17
Fri 7/26/201310:00AMBoys and Girls Youth - Class G Group BEgerton FC-Ligi Ndogo3-1
Fri 7/26/201312:30PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class G Group BBraeburn Arusha School -Ligi Ndogo1-3
Sat7/27/201310:30AMBoys and Girls Youth - Class G Group BLigi Ndogo-Admaston Juniors1-4
Sat7/27/201311:30AMBoys and Girls Youth - CLASS G SPORTING PLATELigi Ndogo-St Christophers School2-4 penal.


Boys and Girls Youth - Class C Group A
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1Newcastle College/Newcastle Town 'B'73210124
2Killarney Athletic5312074
3Ligi Ndogo4311165
4Madeley White Star03003113
Wed7/24/20131:15PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class C Group ALigi Ndogo-Newcastle College/Newcastle Town 'B'2-4
Wed7/24/20132:30PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class C Group ALigi Ndogo-Madeley White Star3-0
Thu 7/25/20132:15PMBoys and Girls Youth - Class C Group AKillarney Athletic-Ligi Ndogo1-1
Sat 7/27/20139:00AMBoys and Girls Youth - CLASS C PLATELigi Ndogo-San Antonio Lions0-2