Thursday, December 13


Season 34 unveils this weekend (Saturday 19th )at Ligi Ndogo centres in South B and Karen.Ligi Ndogo Ngong' Road opens two weeks later,that is,2nd February.Its main clubhouse and playing fields are currently undergoing rehabilitation.
This will be the first of three seasons this year.

About Ligi Ndogo
The seasons have changed but the philosophy has not changed a single bit;
Ligi Ndogo still uses soccer to boost mental growth,physical coordination and kinaesthetic realization in young boys and girls.
The environment is fun too!Regular matches and training sessions build a closer understanding between the instructor and the child resulting in the child learning more than just sporting skills.

Aspects such as discipline, team spirit, leadership and responsibility are incorporated resulting in a well-horned individual at the end of the day.

Our program is divided into three seasons each calendar year (JAN-APR), (MAY-AUG), (SEP-DEC). A typical Ligi Ndogo season lasts 12 weeks regardless of when the season starts. 

The Atom Journey
Upon registration players are placed in teams which are categorized basing on age. Atoms (4-6 years), Juniors (7-9 years), Lower Mids (10-12), Upper Mids (13-14 years) U16,U19 and seniors (over 23 years). The lower categories (Atoms to lower mids) are further divided into teams which train once a week on Friday (4:30p.m-6:20p.m) and play their league matches every Saturday.

Progress and Promotion
One's progress depends on their performance and there are cases whereby junior players have graduated to the senior teams even before attaining the required age.

No senior player is allowed to play for an under age team. Different team colors clearly mark out the different teams. Plutos are resplendent in their all blue strip. Neptunes spot a striking yellow outfit while Mars colors are green. Jupiters are brick red. It is thus easy to pick out your team of choice at any time during the games.

Note All the players are clothed in the Ligi Ndogo primary colors,that is,yellow and green.During play time,players are differentiated by different bib colors.

Duration of Play
A typical senior game lasts 25 minutes per half while the junior games last 20 minutes per half. Prior to the games, each team has a training session once a week during the week. A team will play a maximum of one league game per weekend though impromptu friendly matches between the different league teams sometimes take place and act as build-ups.

Coaching Staff
The coaches are paid semi-professionals.Apart from coaching they take keen note of a player's conduct and progress. They are encouraged to liaise with parents for the best progress of the player both on and off the pitch.

Physical fitness and basic football technique is given priority during the training sessions to enable an enjoyable and injury free game for the player. The coaches also strive to give equal playing time to all the players in the team for the duration of the season. This enhances team spirit and also has the added advantage of boosting the confidence of players who might have felt that they are not upto par. The parents sometimes get involved in the officiating as linesmen, giving out handy tips at half time and generally encouraging there favorite teams.


A reward for outstanding play during the season is a call up to the prestigious Planets side. The Planets is a select team that represents Ligi Ndogo in games with outside clubs/teams and go for international tours. In April Ligi Ndogo participates in the Junior League in Uganda and the Keele cup in the United Kingdom in July.Ligi Ndogo recently added the PlussbankCup,the second biggest tournament in Norway, to its list of outings.Tanzania Chipkizi Futures closes the calendar in December.

The Ligi Ndogo Senior team,who are also the main Planet team,completed the season successfully in the Nationwide league.The team finished sixth but fulfilled part of its mission,which is to be a feeder program for the the premier league and other soccer leagues worldwide. 
Ligi Ndogo sent  six players to the premier league and one other to the professional league in Nepal.Jeremiah Bright (Tusker),Natty Kunrunmi (Gor Mahia),Harry Gentle (Muhoroni Youth),Charles Ouma (Sofapaka) and Salim Abdalla (Sofapaka) will this season feature in the Tusker premier league.Bobby Ogolla will turn out in the Nepal premier league for Machindra FC.

To be called up to the planets is a great honor for any player of Ligi Ndogo.

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