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Launched in February 2002 at Ngong’ Rd Nairobi, Ligi Ndogo is a community youth soccer league dedicated to giving young people an enabling environment to nurture their soccer skills outside their normal learning curriculum. Ligi Ndogo has rapidly become synonymous with any young aspiring soccer stars in Nairobi and beyond. Its membership varies across all social and economic divide.
Ligi Ndogo has four centres in Nairobi as follows: Ligi Ndogo grounds on Ngong road next to Impala Club, Railway Training Institute South B, Nairobi Academy in Karen and German School opposite the Village Market in Gigiri.
VISION Raise superstars and realize the often untapped potential that Kenya possesses.
MISSION Develop a passion for responsibility, discipline; build good character and perseverance through team work while empowering our children to act positively in communities through which we serve.
 OBJECTIVES AND VALUES • Use soccer as an important avenue to encourage social integration and societal equity
• Offer a window through which the general public (as a family unit) sees societies shape and is directed towards accommodating social order.
• Equip our children with good work ethics and individual productivity towards a general social responsibility. During the ten to twelve weeks that a Ligi Ndogo season runs, participants have gone through what can only be described as an adventure. Participants are not only the players; they include the coaches, the parents, the brothers and sisters who have come to watch their siblings, the sponsor's representative and journalists. By the end of the season all will have celebrated with the winners and shared in the anguish of losers, witnessed moments of sheer sporting brilliance and also the most inexplicable of blunders. Ligi Ndogo tries to offer more than what a child would get in the school sporting system. This is because the school sports system has it various limitations. For one only the top players get to play competitive sport and this can only be a handful in the school population. This puts off many other players who may feel they are not good enough. However given the chance, these players could turn out to be very good and it is these that Ligi Ndogo hopes to expose.
HOW LIGI NDOGO WORKS Ligi Ndogo is designed as a soccer league with regular matches and training sessions to build a closer understanding between the instructor and the child resulting in the child learning more than just sporting skills. Aspects such as discipline, team spirit, leadership and responsibility are incorporated resulting in a well-horned individual at the end of the day. Our program is divided into three seasons each calendar year (JAN-APR), (MAY-AUG), (SEP-DEC). A typical Ligi Ndogo season lasts 10-12 weeks. The inaugural season commenced February 2002 (season1). We are currently in season 24. Upon registration players are placed in teams which are categorized basing on age. Atoms (4-6 years), Juniors (7-9 years), Lower Mids (10-12), Upper Mids (13-14 years) and seniors (15-17years). These categories are further divided into teams which train once a week either Friday or Thursdays (4:30p.m-6:20p.m) and play their league matches every Saturday. One's progress depends on their performance and there are cases whereby junior players have graduated to the senior teams even before attaining the required age although no senior player is allowed to play for an under age team. Different team colors clearly mark out the different teams. Plutos are resplendent in their all blue strip. Neptunes spot a striking yellow outfit while Mars colors are green. Jupiters are all red. It is thus easy to pick out your team of choice at any time during the
games. A typical senior game lasts 25 minutes per half while the junior games last 20 minutes per half. Prior to the games, each team has a training session once a week during the week. A team will play a maximum of one league game per weekend though impromptu friendly matches between the different league teams sometimes take place and act as build-ups. The coaches, who are paid semi-professionals, take keen note of player's conduct and progress. They are encouraged to liaise with parents for the best progress of the player both on and off the pitch. Physical fitness and basic football technique is given priority during the training sessions to enable an enjoyable and injury free game for the player. The coaches also strive to give equal playing time to all the players in the team for the duration of the season. This enhances team spirit and also has the added advantage of boosting the confidence of players who might have felt that they are not that good. The parents sometimes get involved in the officiating as linesmen, giving out handy tips at half time and generally encouraging there favorite teams.
PLANETS A reward for outstanding play during the season is a call up to the prestigious planets side. The Planets is a select team that represents Ligi Ndogo in games with outside clubs/teams and go for international tours. Mid 2004 our U13and U17 planet teams participated in the prestigious Umbro International cup where 400 teams from 25 Nations took part in a week long tournament sanctioned by FIFA and UEAFA. This has become an annual event in the Planets calendar ever since. To be called up to the planets is a great honor for any player of Ligi Ndogo.
FUNDING Ligi Ndogo relies on subscriptions and sponsorship to be able to meet its obligations. The subscription fee is 8,000 for a season of three months.
MEMBERSHIP Members pay a subscription fee every season but15% are FREE drawn from the local community where we operate, in this case KIBERA and MUKURU. This number is targeted to grow to 30%.
COACHES Currently there are 20 semi professional coaches working at Ligi Ndogo. They are organized by the league manager who oversees coaching activities. The coaches also undergo training and refresher courses at the end of every season, thrice a year as part of our drive toward capacity building. Before been confirmed as coaches for the next year, Ligi Ndogo coaches undergo theory and practical aptitude tests to ensure they continuously improve their skills. MANCHESTER UMBRO TOUR The Manchester Umbro International Cup is Britain’s biggest youth football tournament. It has been running for the last 16 years and attracts over 400 teams from 30 countries worldwide every year. In 2004 Ligi Ndogo made a decision to enter a team in this tournament. The objective for this was to expose our players to top level football standards as a way of improving their skills. Manchester is an area rich in football pedigree with two great teams Manchester United and Manchester City. Football traditions run deep and thus it was an ideal option for a youth tournament for Ligi Ndogo. This tournament normally takes place at the end of July each year during the summer. In our first year we entered an under 12 and under 17 side. We found the going tough and did not manage to go past the preliminary stages. However it was a great learning experience for both players and coaches. In 2005 we gave the tournament a miss as we re-organized ourselves to be better prepared. This paid dividends as in 2006 we fared much better. The under 12 side went on to win the plate competition. This is the second level of competition in the tournament. In 2007 the under 12 side successfully defended the plate cup. We were gaining valuable experience with each passing tournament. 2008 saw all this hard work come to bear fruit as the under 12 side finally won the coveted main trophy. An additional bonus was the scouting of two of our players by the Liverpool Football Club Academy.In 2009 the U14 side lost at the finals.  Last year the U17 won in their category and are going back this year as defending champions