Saturday, June 11

Sheikh Mozamil Zamil

Vital Stats Age 16 Born September 30 School Nairobi Int'l School

The current Ligi Ndogo U17 captain,Zamil Sheikh is the quintessential defender and leader.He led the Ligi Ndogo U16 team that won the prestigious Keele Cup in the UK and also captained his school's U17 team in the IPSA championship.The National scouts noticed him and was (alongside teammates Desmond Mugambi,Stephen Wandere) invited to try out for the Kenya U17 team in Upper Hill.His leadership skills,mental command of the defensive line and control of the team did not escape the coach's notice.Barely seventeen he was the last one cut on grounds of age.The coach held onto his repertoire and was the first one invited for the next trials. Well rounded,he has taken his school to the Melvin's cup quarter finals and reached the finals of the FIFA Streetball tournament.

Zamil plays the important role of central defense.With his keen ability to analyze situations,he is the eyes of the team and the ear of the coach.He is adept at reading the game and arranging the backline.His reliability has made him Ligi's prefered centre back.

Zamil has been captain since he joind Ligi Ndogo in 2008 and has his sights on leading a major team in a major league.Of notice,too,is his player-athlete qualities;straight A student,Zamil is set to make a sound in whatever he chooses as career.An A game and a 4.00 credit score is not a bad start.

Name Zamil Sheikh Mozamil
Position All Round Defender
Born 30th September 1994
Nationality Kenyan
Height 5'9"/173cm
Weight 64kg/144lbs
Foot Right
Skill Tackling,Heading,Speed
Teams Nairobi Interntional School,Ligi Ndogo

Shooting ****** 6
Passing ****** 6
Heading ****** 6.5
Control ******* 7
Tackling ****** 6.5
Speed ****** 6
Creativity ****** 6 /10