Friday, June 3


The new season at Ligi Ndogo Football Club has started with a bang. Last year’s prize winners, Kalama and Jan Ochieng are working hard to ensure they retain their top scorer titles but of course, there is stiff competition from team-mates. It looks like its going to be an exciting time for the boys, and girls.The parents are also weighing in, with Mugo,a Ligi parent for the past three years, telling us a bit about his experience. He has two sons who are four and seven. The seven year old, also named Mugo, has been playing at Ligi for three years; since he was four years old. And the younger one, has been coming since he was two and a half! Mugo tells us that what he’s noticed that has been of benefit to his sons sincethey joined Ligi is that they’ve learned how to cooperate with other children, and are more disciplined in their behaviour. In addition to adding some mad skills in their football repertoire.

He also says he’d like to see more parents hanging around watching their kids play. A lot of parents, according to him, either drop off their children and disappear or hang out in their cars reading the paper. He’d like to see a parents’ league organised so the parents can get more involved. What do the rest of you think about this idea?

Also, he’d like Ligi Ndogo to set up a screen at the club house when there are major matches being played both locally and internationally. Good idea or dud?

Do let Mugo and us know if you agree with him, or disagree. (set up a vote for this app).
The parents are also weighing in, with Mugo.