Saturday, May 28

LIGI Ndogo got onto the second week of its 12 week cycle this week.Activity was intense in all the centres:Karen,Gigiri,Ngong Rd and South B.

Teams have began taking shape and games and tournaments are slated to start on the fouth week.U17,U15,Academy and Planet training has started at Ligi Ndogo,Ngong' Rd.
Christian Nguira,Shawn Kwira and Morris Mwangi have spiced up activities at South B.They are picking up from where Jakes Mugambi,Sean Muimi and South B legends Solomon Mbiti and Kwame Jordan,left.
LIGI Ndogo Karen has nurtured some of the Academy players.Kirimi Gemstone Kihara,Sunil Gitonga,Kihoro Gakumo and Alvin Maindi are some of the big names out of the Karen program.Kihoro Gakumo and Mutonga David Ndongi have been very profilic constantly shifting between top scorer and best player.
Ligi Ndogo Ngong Rd has always had very exciting moments.This season is no exception.Kalama Andre and Jan Ochieng are following in the footsteps of the great one coming out of Ligi Ndogo.James Gachago too is worthy of mention.Very exciting to watch he was crowned MVP last season when fellow players and teammates voted him by acclamation.

The U15 team will represent Ligi Ndogo at the Keele tournament in August this year.The U17 team too is going back as defending champions.The upper Mids team (U17) has produced some exceptional players.Chirs Ogutu and Kilele Kibett got rave mentions in Britain and were invited for an encore.

Ligi Ndogo bred Zamil Sheikh has scouts drooling too.He is a heady defender for the U17 team.Alongside Keiffi Sana,Desmond Ikirima,Kennedy Obuya and Michael Karanja they are expected to successfully defend the U17 trophy they won last year.