Monday, June 6


From Karen v South B,Planet and Academy Training,U15 Training,U17 Training,Senior games and regular practise,Ligi Ndogo was a beehive of activity.

Karen started the season in earnest with a record 32 turnouts on the first day of the 29th season.This was more evident during the pre season tournament penultimate playing host to Ligi Ndogo South B.The classic featured the Atoms and Lower Mid groups.These games are normally played at the start of the season.They are used to gauge and evaluate previous performance in view of the coming season.It also helps bring together different Ligi Ndogo centres before they embark on their regular program.
Karen's enthusiasm was evident from the start.Led by regulars Mbeki Raul Vargas and Benji Gibson scoring two goals apiece,they won 4-1 in the U8.Raul and Benji have featured in the Ligi program for a while;their cultured skills evidenced as they tore through the South B backline.
Things were different in the U12 as South B surprised the hosts 3-1.Christian Ngwira,Shawn Kwira and Morris Mwangi featured notably for South B.

Karen has a chance to sample the camaraderie ambience that South B boasts of when they pay them a visit before kickoff for their intramural league games.