Monday, November 18

December Holiday Program

Are you wondering how to keep your kids aged 14 and below happy and healthy this festive season?
Think no more.Here is the answer .Enroll your youngsters in our Ligi Ndogo Holiday Soccer Program. This is our last of the three holiday package that comes in April, August and December.
Soccer is a great sport for boys and girls of all athletic abilities. Engaging in soccer at our center in Ngong’ Rd will help your children develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as promote healthy active lifestyle for the whole family.

The costs of enrolling your child in our Holiday Soccer Program are friendly. Uniforms, shirts and shorts are included in the payment plan. Note that we depend on volunteer coaches’ help to keep our prices low.

We accept enrollment towards the end of the season that is from now to 20th of December. Our practice sessions began on Monday 18th.

If you pay for the team uniform please estimate your child's size at the time of enrollment to allow us to order sufficient numbers of correct sizes. The Holiday Soccer Program is scheduled for 20 days.
All ages practice from Monday to Friday,9:30am to 12:30pm 

Players will learn to work together and support each other during drills and games. During drills your child may be asked to play different positions and will thus discover the skills and responsibilities needed throughout the team. Through the experience of practicing and playing with others your child will learn the importance of working with team toward common goal.
Coaches ask for cooperation between players competing during game. All players greet each other before games and congratulate each other after games and also assist coaches in preparing for and cleaning up after each game.
Although each parent is responsible for making sure their child has transportation to and from games and shows up in uniform ready to play please be willing to pitch in and help other parents and volunteers as needed with rides an extra water bottle providing snacks for the team and so forth. Our teams may be competing against each other but as individuals we need to work together to make sure everyone has fun.
Outside of the players the coaches are the most important people on the team. The coaches are the people who will guide and train your children and shape their attitudes toward sports. At the end of the session they will provide analysis and short evaluations on the players. Please befriend them and get to know them better. We encourage all the parents to know a short background to the coaches: Their qualifications, how they will coach your youngsters, etc
Parents of participating children must meet the following requirements:
Must guarantee transport of participating children to practice sessions.
You must ensure that your child arrives on time for practice sessions and games. You can make arrangements with other parents or babysitters to transport your child but it is your responsibility to get your child to and from all practice sessions and games. We will expect your child to participate in all practice sessions and games.
In the case of emergencies or illness you must contact the coaching staff so that we can ensure we have full team available for the next session. Must provide all required uniforms and equipment for participating children.

To practice leadership players will be assigned contained leadership duties on rotating basis being asked to be in charge of tasks such as counting players, making sure all players complete drill,selecting another player for position, collecting or arranging equipment or demonstrating to others how task should be performed.

Our core values of leadership are as follows: Leadership should be demonstrated by example. Each individual should be ethically helpful and polite at all times. Leaders support the entire team. Leaders are not stars to be admired; leaders are individuals who share what they know and encourage others to grow. Leaders are modest and friendly. Leaders should not boast about their skills or their team's superiority over another team. While good natured rivalry is fine we never encourage bad mouthing bullying or teasing other players or other teams.

We are Always a Part of You. Come be a Part of Us!