Tuesday, September 25


Promotion is not as distant as the sky-well-for some teams.For some it is a foregone conclusion that they need to start early preps for next season.
Here is a polite way of mentioning who should fight on...and who should not try too hard
If you have to squint to view any team it means they are effectively out of contention. The more vivid, the more realistic your chances are, of course, compared to the other teams!

Top Targeters
More than 424 goals have been scored in the Division One Zone A league so far,that is an impressive average of 2.27 per game with less than 6 matches to play (for most of the teams).

Most Goals
Bandari leads the league with 53 goals scored,they also have the most scorers in the league with 10 different players on the sheet;Bidco and Mahakama  have also distributed their scorers with 9 and 7 respectively.
At 17 Bandari have conceded, the least number of goals.They have scored 33 goals at home the highest in the league.With Mahakama at 6,they are among the teams that have conceded the least number of goals.Admiral have scored the most on the road (21),while ,at 11,Bandari have conceded the least.

62 is the number of goals Iron Strikers have conceded,the most in total;and at 30 they have conceded the most at home. Thola Glass-35-have let in the most goals on the road.

The top five teams account for 49.8% of all the goals scored.29 players have been on target for their teams.the top 5 league scorers have 78 (18.4%) of the 424 goals scored.

Top Scorers
At 26 the league’s top scorer accounts for 47.2% of his team's goals; second placed has 25, which is half of his team’s goals.

This word cloud pops out all the league scorers.The higest scorers are louder and more weighted,the least,less…if your scorer does not scream louder,well,they just need to rug harder and score more,but he is still visible to a keen eye!