Tuesday, January 3

Ligi Ndogo Gigiri opens early

Ligi Ndogo season 31 resumes its full potency on Saturday 21 2012 at 9.00am.Ligi Ndogo Gigiri opens a week early on January 14.
The league is located within four centres in Nairobi: Ligi Ndogo grounds on Ngong Rd, Railway Training Institute South B, Nairobi Academy Karen and German School Gigiri. These leagues accommodate age group players ranging from 4 years to 18 years. Those above 18 years then have an option to join the Ligi S.C (Senior Club) that is currently participating in the nationwide league, one step below the Kenya Premier League. Others are filtered into other local clubs as well as international clubs.
Ligi Ndogo aims to train any player who is interested in playing football irrespective of the player’s ability when they join. Ligi Ndogo’s program caters for both thosewho just want to play football as a hobby and also for those who intend to play football professionally.

You can submit your application by completing our on-line application form and paying by at the office Ligi Ndogo Online Registration