Saturday, January 14


Kid action at Ligi Ndogo is on.

More than thirty eight kids turned out on the first day at the start of season 31.The enthusiasm was evident as players milled in as early as 8 o'clock.
Juniors had the most turnout with over 18 participants.Newcomers were in all categories.The regulars trained on dribbling,shooting and small sided games.
Newcomers went through an evaluation process.This is meant to gauge skill level so as to qualify for team placement.They were measured on kicking,dribbling,a few other aspects of the game and mental awareness .Of utmost importance is the discipline level and how he takes to and socializes with the group that he is put in.they capped the day with small sided games.

The parents also turned up in large numbers to witness player development.They are mostly concerned with how long their kids are going to take to respond to the practise,and of course how long it will take them to make it to the pros!

Next week will see team placement;the teams are:Jupiter,Neptune,Pluto and Mars.Other Ligi Ndogo centres,that is Ngong' Rd,Karen and RTI open on the 21st of January 2012.