Thursday, January 19


It is important that players observe the food they eat during and after training. The food you eat will determine your performance, endurance and body recovery from unexpected factors such as injury.

The amount of fluid intake, in the form of water, sports drink or energy drinks should also be taken into consideration.
Four tips towards healthy eating and optimal performance

Have a variety
Different foods give you different nutrients. One of the foods to take into account especially during periods of long exposure to the sun is groundnuts. Their nutritive value reduces susceptibility to sunburn and therefore heat stroke. Other food categories may be important in giving back lost energy, building new tissue and recovering worn tissue.
It is important to eat foods that are not processed. Natural foods should be a priority. They provide ready nutrients and have more energy compared to processed foods.
Eating what one needs encourages the body to absorb what it needs, and to a point digests most of it.More goes to waste when one eats too much. The body is prone to take only what it requires and leaves the rest to waste.
A balanced diet is the key to performance. Meals should include the basic requirement, which are proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Importance of healthy eating
·         Players are able to train harder and longer
·         There is a significant reduction in  fatigue level
·         Performance and ability to react fast is improved
·         Improves mental concentration as well as visual clarity
·         Immunity Quick recovery from sickness and more training days
·         Reduction in potential injuries
Things to look at
·         Eat foods rich in carbohydrates. Avoid simple sugars. They fluctuate your blood sugar levels rapidly from high to low.
·         Eat foods that give carbohydrates gradually to the body.
·         Eat more carbohydrates towards a training session.
·         Water keeps you hydrated and promotes optimal recovery after a game and provides fuel for the muscles.
·         Water enhances concentration and is a body coolant.
Water tips
Before practice (pre-practice) it is wise to drink 500-1litre of water; during practice drink 500-700ml and after practice recover by drinking another 500-1litre depending on body weight.
One of the simplest ways of monitoring dehydration levels is the uric color test.If the urine is dark colored,one needs to take more water. A hydrated condition would give a very pale, almost limey color.