Saturday, July 9

Ikirima Desmond Mugambi

Desmond,affably refered to as Christuardo,has played at Ligi Ndogo ever since he was a mid.At 5'9",66kg and still growing,The left winger has scored 15 goals for the U17s.
Desmond is blessed with the ability to be in the right place at the right time.Most of his goals have been pounces off rebounds and runs from unlikely angles.Hugely gifted with the mental ability to analyze situations,Desmonds is the kind of player who creates goals when none is expected.

Quick Facts

Name           Desmond Mugambi Ikirima
Position        Left Wing
Born            1st Feb 1994 Nairobi,Kenya
Nationality    Kenyan
Height          180 cm/6 feet
Weight         66kg/148.5lbs
Foot             Right
Skills            Dead balls at centre field;beating marker off the ball

Student at United States International University High School Laiser Hill
Teams           Ligi Ndogo U17