Tuesday, June 21

Home,Away and Back

Luis Kiambata,aged 10 joined Ligi Ndogo when he was three and a half years old.Three years later (2006) he was promoted from Atom to Junior.A year later he became a mid.He left briefly for Ujuzi  Academy in 2007 but came back in 2010.He has learnt a lot at Ligi but singles our his first touch,penalties and free kicks as having been perfected at Ligi Ndogo.
Best Player 2009,trophy winners 2010,Luis is has set his path to stardom.

Kiambata Snr,Nkrumah, has seen his son through every soccer practise and tournament when he could. He was in a jovial mood at Luis and An’s Planet practise.

He has membered Luis and his cousin An Lou from 2003 to 2007. They left briefly in 2007 but quickly scurried back to ‘home’ after realizing that Ligi Ndogo was more soccer and player development oriented. Coupled with the fact that both Luis and An were losing their edge,he has never felt more nested.

When asked what observations he has on the Ligi Ndogo fraternity; how does he rate their training, having the perspective of experience from another football academy, he had this to say.

Ligi ndogo as a team has nurtured the boys’ talent more than any other place. They concentrate a lot on ethics and football. The mixture of kids from every background is good because of exposure to different cultural experiences and differences. The fact that so many kids have grown with ligi from when they were almost toddlers to now when they are almost teenagers is a testament to the wholesomeness of ligi. This is coupled with the professionalism of staff, both coaches and management.

The one thing that is lacking is corporate sponsorship and this will limit the ability of the children to access the next level. The ability to access corporate sponsorship would enable all players to travel for tournaments and not just those whose parents can afford it; it would also increase attendance to tournaments and away matches because of access to transport. He urges Ligi to look into government subsidies as well. Furthermore, although strides have been made to improve infrastructure, there is need for more- in terms of audio visual equipment and other aides to mental preparation.