Monday, May 16

Preview Season 29

Wellcome to Ligi Ndogo Season 29.This season empahsises on :Teaching basics and fundamentals (Atoms),continous assesment within play (Junior) and training to compete (Lower Mids).
All new players will be evaluated and
later asigned respective teams.Player skill level is evaluated on the basis of:played before,average and beginner.The beginners get a chance to play in the teams that did well the previous season while the have-playeds are considered primary lottery picks.Remeber that all evaluations are conducted within the first three weeks of the season.That means,by the fourth week all players must be in a permanent team.Please verify with your sons's coach to ensure that you know his team.
The Manchester Keele cup is starting on 27th June and ends 31st.The Ligi Ndogo U17 team is going as defending champions having won the tournament in theiThe Planet and Academy training also starts on opening day.
26th and 28th August will be the dates for the prestigious Ligi Cup.This tournament held each year at the Ligi Ndogo grounds is an invitational tournament for that incorporates all the five (Rwanda,Burundi,Tanzania,Uganda and Kenya) East African countries.
Over 60 teams participated in last year's tournament.
Last year the under 11’s age category recorded the highest number with over 15 teams, under 9’s & 10’s had 12 teams each & while the U 15’s yrs & 18’s yrs had 8 teams each. The u 8’s year age category had 6 teams.